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The Rotary  cutter is a professional attachment tool designed specifically for cutting and developed for the discerning customer with a focus on,

Cutting performance, efficiency, output and working environment.


The tractor Hedge Trimmer performs three operations in one. It cuts, shreds and disposes the cut-off material.

The blade system consists of 18 special hardened blades that provide a smooth and consistent cut of branches .

Siromer Hedge Trimmers are designed to fit industry standard CAT I linkages.

Siromer’s high reach  trimmers are fitted with a PTO driven tractor Hedge Trimmer hydraulic pump,

which means the trimmer is independent of the tractor’s hydraulics.

The finger bar and flail heads are interchangeable.

The hedge trimmer comes as standard with a 0.8m flail head, there is an option to change this for a 1m head and the finger bar head can be purchased separately.

The Rotary Hedge Cutter U44 can be attached to our Multi Carrier which can be mounted on front end loaders,telehandlers, wheel loaders and excavators.

  • You can also attach the RC 162 to our Scorpion boom mowers or other manufacturers of boom mowers for tractors.
  • Another possibility is to mount the Rotary Hedge Cutter RC 162 directly on the arm of excavators.

U44 80cm Head, U45 100cm Head