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Aberdeen Gardening Services , Moray Landscapes is part of Aberdeen Gardening Services Ltd. We are an Authorised Agent for Siromer Compact Tractors.

The name Moray Landscapes was chosen to cover a larger area of the North East. Aberdeen Gardening Services Ltd was setup by myself, Andy Harrold, in 2012 with the help of Poppy Scotland .

I served in the Royal Air Force for 10 years from 1988. I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2010.

During my recovery I found gardening helped me cope. With encouragement from a veterans charity, Gardening Leave I received help to setup with a second hand van, some used equipment that was being disposed of by the local authority.

Now I have contracts with major companies from Aberdeen to Elgin and we even contract out work to other companies.

The latest addition to Moray Landscapes is the dealership Hyundai Power and JCB Tools, everything from portable generators to massive site generators, Lawnmowers, Strimmers, Cement Mixers, Air Compressors, and 18v Power Hand Tools from JCB. We also supply Farm Yard vehicle implements from Bale Handling, Buckets, Grapes, Scrapers etc all made here in the UK by LWC (Leeds Welding Company), we have a fantastic range of equipment from DAX Industries, Remote Controlled Slope Mowers and Mini Excavators, and the best budget compact tractors available in the UK, from Siromer Compact Tractors and Implements. Siromer compact tractors are fantastic solidly built machines. Designed for small holders, Golf Courses, Livery Yards , in fact anywhere a small compact but powerful unit is required.

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About Us

Moray Landscapes is a part of the Aberdeen Gardening Services Ltd, and serves the landscaping needs of North East Scotland. More About us

Established in 2012 by Andy Harrold with the assistance of Poppy Scotland and with the encouragement of the veterans charity Gardening Leave.

Following 10 years of service in the Royal Air Force from 1988, our founder Andy was diagnosed with PTSD in 2010 and found gardening aided his recovery.

What started with a second hand van and salvaged equipment has grown to serve the landscaping needs of North East Scotland.

We now work with major companies from Aberdeen to Elgin and have moved forward to become an authorized seller of Siromer compact tractors and equipment.

Visit our shop page and join the landscaping revolution. We have over 10 Years experience in Landscapes  Gardening Services .

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