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‚Äč4 Rotor Carousel Tedder for tedding mowed small green plants in order to quicken the drying process.CAT II three point linkage, 540RPM.The Kowalski Z528  are characterized by the application of high quality materials and work effectiveness.

They meet the highest European standards. 

  •  small mass of the machine.
  •  low rotation of Cardan joints.
  •  easily accessible lubrication points.
  •  large rotation effectiveness due to the carousel system.
  • side carousels lifted hydraulically by actuators (double acting actuators) protective barriers.
  • triple position angle of finger’s location.
  • angular location of the machine at a field edge.
  • rotary suspension allows for easier machine work at turning.
  • easy spring replacement.
  • high durability of gear transmissions through the application of gears with a case-hardened layer.

Kowalski Tedder

Kowalski Tedder