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Hyundai Lawn Mower and Grass Trimmer Bundle

This great value corded electric lawn mower and grass trimmer bundle is ideal for small to medium-sized gardens.

Ideal for Small To Medium Lawns

With a cutting width of 320mm on the mower and 250mm on the grass trimmer, you can have your lawn looking neat and tidy in no time at all.


With the mower’s ultra-lightweight design of just 8.8kg and the HYTR250 grass trimmer weighing just 1.7kg, this will minimise any strain on your arms, shoulders and back whilst sorting your lawn, ensuring a comfortable grass cutting experience each and every time.

Get the Perfect Finish

With three adjustable cutting heights – ranging from 25mm for a smooth lawn to 65mm for that first cut of the season or uneven lawns – you can easily get the perfect finish on your lawn.

Low Maintenance

As this this mower and grass trimmer bundle is electric, it means you won’t have to fiddle around with petrol and oil or have to worry about making sure any batteries are charged – simply plug in your machine and you’re ready to get started! This also means you won’t have to think about any of the routine maintenance that accompanies petrol models, such as dealing with spark plugs or stale fuel, making this bundle a great low maintenance option. With an ample 25L grass collector on the HYM3200E lawn mower, this means fewer trips to empty the cuttings too!

Compact To Store

This budget-friendly garden bundle is incredibly compact to store – the HYM3200E’s handles are able to fold down over the main unit, ideal for saving space in your garden shed or transporting in the boot of your car.

Easy To Assemble

Out of the box, this lightweight grass trimmer and mower bundle is so quick and easy to assemble, enabling you to get that all-important first lawn cut in no time at all.

10m Power Cable

Both featuring a long 10m power cable, the HYM3200E and HYTR250E give you ample room to get your lawn cutting done without having to reach for an extension lead. The corded electric mower also features a cable support hook to prevent the power cable from being pulled from the control panel for added longevity.

3 Year Warranty

As with all of our Hyundai garden equipment, this corded electric mower and trimmer bundle has a 3 year platinum Hyundai warranty for added peace of mind.

Weight 14 kg