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Hyundai 100 Litre Silent Air Compressor 1500W Electric Oil-free 2hp Compressor | HY275100

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Powerful and Silent Hyundai Air Compressor The HY275100 is a powerful, low noise, oil-free, silent air compressor from Hyundai. Designed for DIY, home-use, trade applications and garage/workshop use, the HY275100 air compressor – powered by twin 750W motors and fitted with a 13A UK plug – is ideal for inflating tyres, activating air nail guns, as well as operating air tools. The air compressor can also be used as a cleaning application to blow away any unwanted dust and dirt from used tools or electrical equipment. We utilise a slow running, 1450RPM brushless motor, which means the motors will last longer and deliver a higher performance when compared to brush type motors. These are also easier to maintain as you will never need to change the brushes. Oil Free, Economic and Low Maintenance Reap the benefits of the low maintenance and economic Hyundai air compressor. In comparison to conventional piston powered air compressors, the oil free HY275100 silent air compressor reduces sound output to offer a far quieter working environment, as well as a reduction in maintenance time and costs. Fewer moving parts in oil free compressors cuts down on the maintenance and eliminates the need of carrying out an oil change. In addition to this, the air compressor’s oil free diaphragm pumps produce clean air, so there’s no risk of oil contamination in the air supply. 100 Litre Tank Fitted with a 100L steel-built tank, the Hyundai air compressor will produce an impressive air displacement of 260 litres per minute and discharge pressure of 10 bar/145 psi, making the HY275100 the perfect machine to enable you to carry out a range of workshop and trade applications. Ergonomic Design Equipped with two large rear-wheels, two robust rubber mounts and a front-handle, the HY275100 can be easily transported from power outlet to workstation, whether you’re inflating tyres in your garage at home or spray-painting in a body shop. The rubber mounts also help reduce vibration levels. Seamless Tool Change Boasting two Euro Quick Release air connectors, the HY275100 air compressor will enable quick and seamless tool changes – reducing downtime and increasing productivity in the process. Compressor Care When using a compressor, atmospheric conditions can create a build-up of water in the tank. To maintain and practice good compressor care it is important to drain the water from the tank on a regular basis. The compressor is fitted with an easy to operate release tap located at the bottom of the tank, which will release the build-up of water once it is opened. *For any guidance on how to carry out essential compressor care, please refer to our informative ‘HY275100 Out of the Box’ video. Warranty Covered by Hyundai 2 year standard warranty. Key Features Silent Air Compressor – With a very low noise level of only 65dB, enjoy a low-noise working environment Oil Free Air Compressor – Maintenance free and no oil contamination with oil free diaphragm pumps 100 Litre Tank Capacity – Provides a constant air supply with an air flow FAD rating of 150 litres per minute and a discharge pressure of 10 bar/145 psi Ergonomic Design for Easy Transport – Fitted with two large rear wheels, two robust rubber mounts and front handle for easy transport. Euro Quick Release Air Connectors – Equipped with two Euro Quick Release Air connectors for quick and seamless tool change. 2 Year Warranty – The HY275100 is covered by our 2 year platinum warranty* / 1 year commercial warranty* (terms apply) for peace of mind.. Full spares available to maintain your air compressor for years to come.

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