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If you’re after a good all-round mower, you can’t go far wrong than by choosing mower.

This can do the job of a topper with more versatility. Like a topper, it will cut long grass and woody material, but it’s also suitable for short grass such as lawns leaving a good finish if used regularly.

A flail mower leaves the grass cuttings short which soon mulch down and provide a great natural fertilizer.

A flail mower can handle the rough, uneven ground and they’re highly maneuverable in tight spaces.

As they are more compact than the topper mower, they’re also easier to store in between cuts.

The flail mower gets its name from the use of flails attached to its horizontal rotor.

The rows of flails are staggered to provide a complete cut. The rotor is parallel to the axle of the tractor.

As the rotor rotates, centrifugal force pushes the flails outward. If a flail strikes an immovable object, it simply bounces off. Siromer flail mower rotors are electronically balanced.

Flail mowers cut the grass very finely and then roll it into the ground.

The Siromer light-duty flail mowers use a Y flail and the heavy-duty mowers use a hammer flail.

The Y blades are more of a knife and less of a mulcher and they leave a very clean cut and a much tidier looking finishing. Hammer flails are much wider and heavier and can cut much thicker material.

The Siromer heavy duty flail mowers 1.45m and over are also fitted with a belt tensioner and opening back.

The opening back allows the grass to be evenly distributed and prevents it from clogging up inside the mower.

The cutting height can be set by adjusting the skids and the roller.

Siromer flail mowers are semi-offset and the heavy-duty flail mowers over 1.45m have hydraulic side shift.

The hydraulic side shift mowers require a double-acting spool valve on the tractor to operate the side shift.

These hydraulic side shift mowers can be moved 6 inches left or right, ideal for mowing close to hedges and around trees.

Size Weight (kg) HP Required Y Flails / Hammer Flails No. of blades Light / Heavy Duty Offset Model Reversible
1.05m 140kg 16-25hp Y Flails 36 Light Duty In-line M42 No
1.25m 170kg 20-30hp Y Flails 42 Light Duty In-line M44 No
1.45m 200kg 24-40hp Y Flails 48 Light Duty In-line M45 No
1.05m 250kg 16-25hp Hammers 16 Heavy Duty Semi-Offset M82 No
1.25m 277kg 20-30hp Hammers 20 Heavy Duty Semi-Offset M84 No
1.45m 317kg 24-40hp Hammers 24 Heavy Duty Semi-Offset M85 No
1.45m 317kg 24-40hp Hammers 24 Heavy Duty Hydraulic-Offset M95 No
1.65m 347kg 35-50hp Hammers 28 Heavy Duty Hydraulic-Offset M96 No
2.0m 427kg 40-75hp Hammers 32 Heavy Duty Hydraulic-Offset M98 No
2.2m 455kg 50-90hp Hammers 34 Heavy Duty Hydraulic-Offset M99 No
2.4m 646kg 60-75hp Hammers 20 Heavy Duty Optional MR24 Yes
2.6m 825kg 85-130hp Hammers 22 Heavy Duty Optional MR26 Yes