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The hedge trimmer or finger bar hedge cutter comes as standard with a 1.3m Fingerbar head, Flail head can be purchased separately.

Siromer’s high reach finger bar hedge cutter or hedge trimmer can be operated by 24 –

75hp tractors and can reach up to 4.6m away horizontally and up to 5.8m vertically.

  • This trimmer is able to cut on top of a 3.7m hedge with a 1.9m cutting head and is able to cut on the left and right side.

Siromer Hedge Trimmers are designed to fit industry standard CAT I linkages.

  • Siromer’s high reach hedge trimmers are fitted with a PTO driven hydraulic pump, 
  • which means the hedge trimmer is independent of the tractor’s hydraulics.
  • The finger bar cutter and flail heads are interchangeable.



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