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Siromer’s verge mower is ideal for cutting verges, orchards, grass and can be used for light hedge maintenance.

Featuring hydraulic , this robust  can be extended or retracted easily from the tractor.

The mower can be angled to suit the job in hand, from vertical to 60 degrees below horizontal, used for cutting ditches, verges, between trees and under hedgerows.

Dual double acting spools are required to operate the hydraulics. 
The Siromer offset flail mower are fitted with heavy duty flail hammers and rear roller.

Their compact size allow the flail mower to be used on smooth lawns, uneven verges and through narrow access. Comes with PTO shaft.

Size Working Width Weight HP Required Hammers Model
1.25m  1250mm  250 kg  20-45hp  20  M54 
1.45m  1450mm  271kg  40-50hp  24  M55 
1.65m  1650mm  290kg  40-75hp  28  M56 
2.00m  2000mm  650kg  50-95hp  20  M58 
2.20m  2200mm  685kg  50-110hp  20  M59 


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