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Pair Of Folding Aluminium Loading Ramps 225cm Length x 28cm Wide, Capacity Up To 340kg | GBR-901-2

SKU: GBR-901-2

Robust Easy-Loading Ramps GBR-901-2 are a pair of lightweight, compact yet incredibly robust loading ramps, ideal for loading motorbikes, machinery, rubble or waste via a wheelbarrow into your trailer, van, lorry or pickup truck. Lightweight and Compact Loading Ramps This pair of loading ramps have been constructed from lightweight aluminium and have a unique folding design, making them extremely portable and easy to store. Loads Up To 340kg The unfolded length of these strong ramps provide the optimum angle for easy and strain-free loading up to 340kg/750lbs on and off trailers and other transport vehicles. Multi-Purpose Loading Ramps These two ramps can be used with ATVs, UTVs, quad bikes, lawn mowers, wood chippers, log splitters, petrol generators, cement mixers, wheelbarrows and any other small-tyred items weighing 340kg or under. Smart Design Featuring anti-slip protective soft-tipped loading points, this reduces abrasion between your transport and the ramp and also provides good performance in resistance to pressure. Large Loading Ramps Each ramp is 225cm when fully extended and approximately 112.5cm when folded. Each ramp also has a track width of 28cm and an approximate weight of 7kg. 1 Year Warranty For added peace of mind, this pair of aluminium folding loading ramps come with a 1 year warranty. Key Features 2 folding loading ramps: Ideal for loading small-tyred vechines, machinery or waste into your trailer, van or truck Robust loading ramps: Can handle loads up to 340kg / 750lbs Each ramp is 225cm long when fully extended: Optimum angle for easy loading Lightweight and foldable: Space-saving and weighs just 7kg Anti-slip soft-tipped design: Increases stability and reduces damage to your transport Multi-purpose: Can be used with quad bikes, lawn mowers, wood chippers, generators, cement mixers, wheelbarrows and any other small-tyred items Peace of mind: 1 year warranty

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 305 × 1160 × 150 cm