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JCB 7.5hp Petrol Generator 3.6kW Single Phase 224CC | JCB-G3600P

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Powerful Petrol Generator Discover the JCB-G3600P 7.5hp generator— your unyielding ally in the realm of professional power. Crafted to endure and engineered to excel, this 224cc powerhouse stands unflinching against tough construction and job sites, ceaselessly churning out a steadfast 3.2kW output, surging to a maximum 3.6kW at 115/230v. No more surrendering to power disruptions, for its colossal 15L fuel tank ensures an uninterrupted power. Highly Portable Generator: The JCB-G3600P is wheel-mounted with solid, puncture-proof tyres, making it perfect for effortless manoeuvring on challenging terrains. Forged from unyielding heavy-duty 32mm tubular steel, this fortress open-frame design is built to withstand tough environments. Continuous Power Supply: With a maximum output of 3.6kW, this generator provides a steady flow of power to keep your appliances and tools running smoothly. With substantial 7.5 HP (Horse Power) you can say goodbye to interruptions and keep your work on track. Fuel Efficiency The JCB-G3600P generator is designed to save you time and money. Its long-run 15 Litres petrol tank reduces the frequency of refuelling, allowing you to focus on your tasks without constant interruptions. Allowing an impressive run time of 13 hours at 50% load. Easy To Start With a heavy-duty nylon mesh recoil cord, starting the JCB-G3600P generator is easier than ever before. Built-in Overload Protection: Your safety is our priority. This JCB generator comes equipped with built-in overload protection, safeguarding your appliances and the generator itself from potential damage due to power surges. Low-noise Generator Operation: The JCB-G3600P utilises the latest low-noise engine technology, producing only 70 dBA at distance of 7m from the generator. Minimise disruptions and disturbances to your surroundings, be it your workplace, or any event. What can the JCB-G8000PE power? Built for tough environments the JCB-G3600P generator will handle heavy-duty applications on job and construction sites, back-up power for trade and power machinery such as lighting rigs, power tools, garages, workshops etc.. Versatile Plug Sockets The JCB-G3600P comes equipped with 1 x 230V/16A Socket: This socket provides a powerful 230 volts and can handle a maximum current of 16 amps. This type of socket is common for powering your tools and equipment that require higher power consumption, such as power drills, air compressors and small heaters. The JBC-G3600P also comes equipped with 1x 115V / 16A Socket: This socket provides a voltage of 115 volts and can also handle a maximum current of 16 amps.) this voltage might can used for specialised equipment, smaller power tools, or devices designed to work with lower voltages. Petrol-Powered Generator As this generator is petrol-powered, please note that when storing your generator for a long period of time, we recommend you either run the engine dry of fuel, drain any leftover fuel or use a fuel additive to prevent the petrol from ‘going off’ whilst sat in the generator. Modern unleaded petrol, when left for long periods can congeal and clog the carburettor which can cause problems starting your generator in the future. Note that petrol generators must never be used inside due to risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Generator kVA Ratings All of our generators have a kVA rating that is higher than the kW. This is because we have assumed the appliances you are going to power have a load factor/power factor of 0.8 – therefore the ‘assumed’ kVA rating of the load would be higher. This is industry standard and it is usually best to scope the right unit based on the kW. 3 Year Long-term Warranty: For your peace of mind, the JCB-G3600P comes with a comprehensive 3-year platinum warranty* (for home use) or 1-year commercial warranty* (terms apply). With full parts and service backup, JCB Tools ensures your generators remain in excellent condition for years to come. In the Box: JCB Tools JCB-G3600P Generator User Manual Service Kit The JCB-G3600P 224CC Petrol Generator is a reliable and robust power solution designed to meet your electricity needs in any situation. Its manoeuvrability, continuous power supply, fuel efficiency, and built-in overload protection make it the perfect choice for professional use. Don’t let power outages or remote locations hinder your productivity – get the JCB-G3600P Petrol Generator today and stay powered up! Experience the exceptional performance and durability of JCB tools and equipment. Key Features Multi-purpose Generator: Versatile and adaptable, this open-frame petrol generator is perfect for trade, site use and commercial applications where a reliable power source is a must. Robust 224cc / 7.5hp Engine: Equipped with a powerful OVH 4-stroke engine, this generator delivers a maximum power output of 3.6kw, ensuring an ample supply of electricity to meet tough demands. Fuel-Efficient Performance: The JCB-G3600P features a long-run 15 Litres petrol tank, providing economical performance for extended operation. Allowing an impressive run time of 13 hours at 50% load. Ultimate Portability: Thanks to its integrated wheel kit, moving this generator around becomes a breeze. Effortlessly position it exactly where it’s needed, whether on-site, at your business, or residential premises. Clean and Quiet Energy: The AVR alternator ensures a stable and clean energy output, making it safe for powering sensitive electronic devices like laptops and TVs. Low-noise generator: The low-noise technology keeps disruptions to a minimum, ensuring a peaceful environment for your family, workers, and neighbours. Peace of mind: 3 year JCB warranty (1 year commercial)

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