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JCB 215,000BTU / 63kW Diesel Space Heater 1300m³ Coverage, Diesel or Kerosene, Thermostat | JCB-SH215D

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The JCB-SH215D is a powerful and low consumption, diesel or kerosene space heater designed for industrial and commercial heating. Capable of producing an impressive 37kW / 215,000 BTU heat output, this JCB space heater is ideal for commercial spaces such as factories, workshops, distribution centres, building sites, MoT garages, car mechanics and repair centres, tyre fitters and agricultural buildings, barns or workshops.Professional-grade Heat Output up to 1300m³Suitable for placement in the open and semi-open, this JCB space heater utlilises diesel combustion, which means the JCB-SH215D can deliver a substantial maximum heat output of up to 63KW / 215,000 BTU, which will easily heat up large areas up to 1300m³.Not only that, the machine’s built-in flame cone enables the JCB-SH215D to disperse and direct the heat it generates to targeted areas for consistent heating performance.High Performance, Energy Efficient HeaterConsidered as one of the most energy efficient ways to heat large areas, this JCB diesel space combines high performance with low fuel consumption, meaning the JCB-SH215D will operate by using just 5.8 litres of fuel per hour!The JCB-SH215D also features a built-in thermostat, which allows you to set the temperature to your specific heating needs to help combat the cold conditions and create a comfortable working environment.Portable and Quick to Manoeuvre JCB Space HeaterFor quick and hassle-free operation and transportation, the robust JCB-SH215D, weighing just 26kg, comes equipped with two durable front wheels and a sturdy rear handle, making the dependable JCB space heater easy to move around from area to area.Offering swift operation, simply fill JCB-SH215D’s easy-to-access fuel-tank, plug its 13 Amp UK plug into a standard UK socket and set your chosen temperature!What is ‘BTU’?BTU, or, British Thermal Unit is a measure of energy – an alternative measurement to joules. The very basic way to think of a BTU is that 1 BTU is the equivalent of burning a normal-sized wooden match all the way from one end to the other.The exact measurement of a British Thermal Unit is the amount of heat that it takes to heat one pound (approx one pint) of water by one degree and is measured at the amount of energy to make the 1lb of water heat from 39 degrees Fahrenheit up to 40. (It can take slightly more or less energy to heat water by one-degree Fahrenheit depending upon the starting temperature).Space Heater SafetyTo ensure safe use when operating the JCB space heater, it is strongly recommended that you try to leave around 8ft (2.4 Meters) from the outlet, and 4ft (1.2 Meters) around the sides and top.In addition to this, only operate the space heater in well ventilated areas, such as garages with the door open and warehouse areas with shutter doors.3 Year Long-term Warranty: For your peace of mind, the JCB-SH215D comes with a comprehensive 3-year warranty* (terms apply). With full parts and service backup, JCB Tools ensures your space heaters remain in excellent condition for years to come. In the Box: JCB-SH215D Space Heater, User Manual, Wheel mounts, Wheels, Rear Handle, Axle, Screws and Nuts, Cotter Pins and WashersKey FeaturesSubstantial 63KW / 215,000 BTU Heat OutputUp to 1300m³ Heating CoverageHigh Performance and Low Fuel Consumption, uses 5.8 litres of fuel per hour50 Litre fuel tankAdjustable heat settings with built-in thermostatIncludes a fitted flame cone to help disperse and direct heat to targeted areasTemperature Displays provides both room and machine temperaturePower LED to indicate the machine’s power supply310W Motor Power for fanFeatures two durable front wheels and sturdy rear handle for dependable transportationNet Weight 26kgJCB-SH215D Diesel Space HeaterBacked by a comprehensive 3-year warranty (1 year Commercial)* 3 Year Warranty (Terms Apply)In the Box:JCB-SH215D Space HeaterUser ManualWheel mountsWheelsRear HandleAxleScrews and NutsCotter Pins and Washers

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