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Hyundai 1800w Electric Table Saw

The HYTS1800E is a corded electric table saw from Hyundai. With a tungsten carbide-tipped saw blade and 1800W motor, it is capable of handling a range of DIY woodworking projects, including cutting solid wood, cutting plywood, cutting plastic, cutting MDF, cutting laminate flooring, and more.

This electric saw bench allows you to make precise bevel and mitre cuts in wood and plastic up to a maximum cutting height of 85mm at 0° and 65mm at 45°, making it ideal for a huge range of home or garden renovation projects.

Suitable For Large / Awkward Wood Cutting

This Hyundai bench saw is able to precisely angled cuts every time by simply turning the bevel wheel at the front or adjusting the angle on the material pusher. It’s able to cut a maximum depth of 65mm up to a 45° bevel or a maximum depth of 85mm at a 90° angle.

You can even work with extra-wide pieces of wood with this bench saw as both sides of the extend outwards up to 642mm x 226mm x 28mm, giving you ample room to cut even the most awkward pieces of wood or plastic for your DIY or commercial project.

Safe and Easy To Use

This Hyundai’s table saw’s quick clamp rip fence ensures a secure cutting performance for added safety and ease of use. For additional safety whilst in use, the sturdy base frame is able to maintain a stable position on almost all surfaces, the included pushing stick keeps your fingers away from the blade and the riving knife safety feature prevents any kickback whilst in use.

This table saw also offers a comfortable working height to save straining your back or neck even whilst in use over a long period of time.

Unlike similar models on the market, for added longevity, the HYTS1800E features an overload protection switch which stops the blade turning automatically when overloaded to prevent any damage to the motor.

The HYTS1800E Table Saw is – along with many of our other Hyundai power tools – compatible with our Hyundai HYVI3014 Wet & Dry Vacuum (sold separately), which features a built-in socket for connecting to the table saw’s dust extraction port for direct suction of fine shavings and sawdust for an even easier cleanup. This makes it especially practical as a workshop vacuum cleaner and thus is ideal for DIY enthusiasts. Click here to shop.

Plug-In Electric Table Bench Saw

As this table saw is electric, it means it can operate from the mains for continuous use without you having to worry about charging a battery and being limited on usage time.

Where most competitors only offer a 2m cable, this bench saw features an extended 3m cable, meaning you won’t have to reach for an extension cord.

3 Year Warranty

For added peace of mind, this electric table saw comes with a 3 year Hyundai home-use warranty* / 1 year commercial warranty* (terms apply), including UK-based parts and service to maintain your machine for years to come.

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At A Glance:

  • 1800W electric table saw
  • Ideal for cutting wood, MDF, laminate and plastic
  • 10” tungsten carbide-tipped steel saw blade
  • Max cutting height of 85mm @ 0°, 65mm @ 45°
  • Able to cut a maximum depth of 65mm up to a 45° bevel or a maximum depth of 85mm at a 90° angle
  • Extendable table sides for work with extra-wide materials
  • Comfortable, safe and easy to use
  • Extra-long 3m power cable
  • 3 year Hyundai home-use warranty* / 1 year commercial warranty*
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