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The New and Improve Siromer 304 Compact Tractor

The Siromer 304 Compact Tractor, UK's Best Selling Budget Compact Tractor.

Thousands of owners rely on Siromer everyday. The best selling Siromer 304 Compact Tractor just keeps getting better.
Now Road Registerable, Twin Rear Spools & Euro Hitch.

Its not just any Compact Tractor, its a Siromer Compact Tractor, backed with 20 year experience!

Siromer have been importing tractors from China since 1999 and have sold over 4000 in the UK. 
This means you will be less than 10 miles from a Siromer Tractor anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales.

Siromer 304 Compact Tractor

Siromer 304 Compact Tractor, 30hp, 4WD, 3Cyl, Direct Diesel Engine.

Over 20 Years in the UK Makes It A Worthy Purchase

... And More Such Reasons ...

The Siromer 304 is the original Siromer tractor and is a fantastic, great value-for-money sturdy workhorse.

The Siromer 304 comes complete with an option of a creeper or shuttle gearbox. A creeper gearbox has an additional low ratio that can be used by the operator to creep at speeds as low as 0.2MPH.

A shuttle gearbox has an independent forward-reverse lever, allowing the operator to switch between the two directions quickly and easily, which makes the tractor ideal for loader work.

Fitted with a 3-cylinder direct injection diesel engine, featuring selectable 4WD and diff lock.

This model is available with an independently controlled front loader which comes complete with a 4-in-1 bucket.

The All New Siromer 304:
Reliable Workhorse for your needs!

Siromer Tractors best selling Compact Tractor. Trusted right across the UK.

Siromer 304 Compact Tractor 3 Point Linkage

Feature & Benefit

3 Point Linkage - CAT1 with 800Kgs Lift Capacity
Twin Rear Hydraulic Spools
7 Pin Trailer Electrics Plug

Feature & Benefit

Optional Front Loader with 4-in-1 Bucket - Lift capacity 500Kgs.
Choice of Agricultural Tyres or Grass Tyres.
Upgrade Agricultural Tyres to Wider Rear tyres.

Siromer 304 Compact Tractor
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Feature & Benefit

Weight 1140Kgs
Length 3.08 metres
Width 1.4 metres
Height 2.2 Metres
Ground Clearance 29.5cm

Watch the Siromer 304 3hp Compact Tractor Video....

UK's Best selling budget Compact Tractor

Here Is What People Who Own a Siromer Have To Say

Genuine Customer Feedback


I put the tractor to work and it's been a joy, I have some fields where I use the rotovator, it's 30hp but feels like it has loads of power. Buying from Siromer has been magnificant, they are obviously used to dealing with customers who have no idea what they are doing, they didn't try and sell me everything but sold me what I needed. I had a really nice experience and the after care has been fabulous.

Andy Lord
11 July 2023


Does all sorts for us, tops grass, turns hay,very versatile round the caravan park.

Lee Naylor
03 May 2023


We have had a 304 since 2009, very pleased with it, and decided to upgrade to a new one with a front loader.

Mr Fairfield
04 Aug 2022