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Hyundai HYLS25000T 7hp 25 Tonne Horizontal Petrol Log Splitter 

The HYLS25000T is a horizontal/vertical log splitter from Hyundai providing 25 tonnes of splitting power.  Ideal for consistent and accurate cutting and sizing of large volumes of logs. The HYLS25000T is powered by the Hyundai 7hp IC210 4-stroke petrol engine driving via a wire wrapped hydraulic hose to the heavy duty 2-stage hydraulic pump, which is fed by a large hydraulic oil tank, providing maximum splitting power to the toughest of logs.

25 Tonne Splitting Force

With 25 tonnes of splitting force the HYLS25000T petrol log splitter, fitted with heavy duty log catcher trays, makes easy work of the toughest of seasoned softwood, hardwood and knotted logs.

Off-Road Tow

The HYLS25000T is easy to manoeuvre and can be easily hitched to an ATV for off-road tow thanks to its quick action 90 degrees swivel drawbar stand, 50mm ball hitch and pneumatic tyres ideal for ATV’s or garden tractors. (This machine is not designed for on-road towing).

Built With Safety In Mind

The horizontal design has the wood at working height for easy use, however, it can be used in the vertical position for heavy logs to be split at ground level. Moving the splitting function from horizontal to vertical is by means of a single quick release catch. Built with safety in mind the HYLS25000T is fitted with a two-hand operation, which ensures your hands and arms are kept away from the splitting mechanism. The return stroke is controlled by the operator so only needs to be returned to the position required to fit the size of log being split.

In The Box:

  • HYLS25000T Log Splitter 
  • User Manual

Basic assembly is required.


Covered by Hyundai 3 year platinum warranty.

Weight 271 kg


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