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Hyundai 2100psi Hot Pressure Washer

The HY145HPW-1 is a hot and cold pressure washer from Hyundai which is capable of removing grease, oil, and grime, making it perfect for cleaning cars, caravans, bikes and outdoor spaces.

Powered by a 2300w Hyundai motor, the HY145HPW-1 is able to produce a maximum pressure of 2100PSI (145bar) and 7.5 L/min maximum flow rate. Its diesel boiler is able to provide temperatures of up to 80 degrees celsius to remove dirt, grease, and grime quickly to save you time.

Why Choose a Hot Water Pressure Washer?

If you’re cleaning oily or greasy surfaces such as engines, quad bikes, vans, or even tractors and other farm machinery coated in dirt, you’ll need hot water for the most thorough clean. Think of oily pans in your sink – where cold water will only push the grease around and leave a residue, hot water is able to melt the grease and grime and produce a sparkling clean finish. Our hot pressure washers work the same way!

Ideal For Deep Cleaning

Anything that a cold water pressure washer can do, a hot one can do even quicker and more effectively, saving you time whilst also providing a deep clean. Where a deeper clean isn’t necessary, you also have the option of using cold water.

Thanks to its efficient diesel-powered water heating system, the HY145HPW-1 is able to reach temperature quickly and economically.

Easy To Use Hot Jet Washer

The comfortable handles and sturdy wheeled design mean that you can simply wheel the pressure washer to where it is needed, and its hose and lance holder make it easy and convenient to store.

The supplied 8m high-pressure hose means you’ll be able to clean large areas such as patios, or clean around large vans, trucks, boats or other large vehicles easily.

1 Year Warranty

This cold and hot water jet wash also comes with a 1 year Hyundai warranty* (terms apply), as well as a range of accessories including a high-pressure trigger gun and lance and an adjustable pencil jet and fan spray nozzle.

In the Range

This is the smallest pressure washer in our new Hyundai Hot Pressure Washer range.
For more commercial and industrial applications, we recommend the larger HY150HPW-1 Hyundai 2170psi Hot Pressure Washer, the HY155HPW-1 Hyundai 2610psi Hot Pressure Washer or the three-phase HY210HPW-3 Hyundai 3050psi Hot Pressure Washer which are all able to reach sterilisation temperatures of 110°c.

At A Glance:

  • 2300w / 2.3kW Hyundai motor
  • 2100 PSI / 145bar maximum pressure
  • Produces water temperatures of up to 80°c
  • Able to quickly cut through grease, oil and grime
  • Easy-to-wheel design
  • Produces a high-quality clean finish
  • Includes a range of accessories
  • 1 year Hyundai warranty*
Weight 27.5 kg