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Electric Air Compressor

The HY3150S is an electric air compressor from Hyundai. Designed for professional workshops and trade applications, the HY3150S air compressor is perfect for workshops and commercial garages for use for spray-painting, operating air tools and inflating tyres.

Professional Use Compressor

Weighing 117kg, the HY30150S features four anti-vibration rubber feet. The 3hp electric motor can be powered by a standard 13amp UK 3-pin plug, making it ideal for a professional workshop or home garage use.

150 Litre Air Compressor

The large 150-litre tank capacity provides a constant 14cfm supply of air. Twin Q/R ‘Euro’ type air outlets on the compressor increase versatility and allow two air-lines or tools to be connected at the same time.

Low Noise

Operating at a maximum of 75dB and standing on anti-vibration mounts, this product is ideal for the home, workshop or garage use, or anywhere where there are conventional residential power sockets available.

Automatic Cut Out

The automatic pressure cut-out switch provides user safety with a built-in safety valve and pressure regulator with twin gauges, giving the user-controlled variable air pressure.

This air compressor provides a fantastic combination of performance and durability ideal for professional applications in any workshop.

Note on compressor care: Pressure safety valves on Hyundai air compressors have been updated in compliance with the latest CE certification standards. The pressure release pull ring has been removed from the safety valve to prevent it from being misused to drain the air from the compressor tank, causing excessive wear to the valve.

Air and moisture should always be released daily using the drain valve located on the bottom of the tank.

Check the belt tension and condition weekly and ensure there are no air leaks from hoses and fittings, as this will greatly increase the electricity used to maintain constant air pressure.

This air compressor provides a fantastic combination of performance and durability ideal for professional applications in any workshop.

2.2kW/3hp Single Phase

The HY3200S compressors have a 2.2kw/2200w/3hp single phase, 230v 50hz electric motor. They are supplied with a 13amp 3 pin plug. The 13 amp plug will be fine for normal DIY use. However, if the air compressor is being used for more than a 50% duty cycle (motor running for more than half the time) it may be advisable to use a blue 16 amp plug.

The compressor should always be plugged directly into the wall socket. If extension leads are used, the voltage drop may occur and this will increase the amperage which may cause the 13amp fuse to overload and blow. This may also be a problem in outlying rural areas where the mains voltage is below 230v, in which case a 16amp blue plug is recommended.

At A Glance:

  • 2200w/3hp power
  • 150L tank capacity
  • 14CFM/396 litres per minute air displacement
  • Maximum pressure of 10 bar/145psi
  • Low pump rpm, noise and low vibration
  • Automatically maintains pressure in the air tank between 8 and 10 bar
  • Uses standard UK plug or 16amp industrial plug
  • 2-year warranty


Hyundai 2-year warranty and full UK spares and parts available.

In The Box:

  • HY3150S Air Compressor
  • User Manual
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